Katzen is all about putting the innate creativity of both our producers and clients to use in nurturing connections between loved ones. Our passion for creative expression is what inspires us everyday to collaborate with ourselves and with our clients towards the goal of producing unique, quality pieces with a personal touch. 

We started crafting in 2013 with a small shop, a single machine, and a vision to master the art of extending a part of the human person through tangible, tasteful, and timeless things — which brings us to what we do today. At present, we continue to innovate for the sake of quality service. We are driven by our commitment to excellence. 

We are a team of creatives, collaborators, innovators, and most importantly, people — just like our customers— and as all of these, we know what it’s like to yearn to express and imprint. We know you. Katzen strives to satisfy this yearning with only the best products.